Does my home have Lead Pipes?

Milwaukee has a lead pipes problem

Does your home have lead service lines supplying your drinking water? Use this tool to search for an address in Milwaukee and surrounding cities and see if it has drinking water supplied with lead pipes.

Like many older cities in the United States, Milwaukee and many surrounding cities have drinking water distribution networks that were built with pipes that contain lead. Lead is a heavy metal and extremely toxic, especially for young children. The city of Milwaukee has provided a list of addresses that are known to have lead service lines. That list has been made searchable with this application in the hopes that more people can get the information they need to keep their families safe from the harmful effects of lead poisoning. Every effort was made to make this list as accurate and comprehensive as possible, but this is only a starting point and neither this application nor the city of Milwaukee has perfect records and so we cannot guaranty perfect accuracy. If you believe you have water supplied with lead pipes you will need to take further steps to investigate that possibility and mitigate its effects.